Monday, June 23, 2008

People Who Comment On Things They Hate Based Off What They Hate = Stupidity

Alright, something has been bugging me for a while now. As human's, it's only natural for us to like somethings and hate others. I'd be lying if I said people and I didn't disagree with things regarding tastes: movies, music, books, etc. I myself am a cover artist on youtube for the most part. On that site, I get both praise and insults. Now here's the thing that bothers me: hating my work when hating the original work. For those of you who need me to elaborate, let me explain. I've done a few cover songs as a show of respect for the original artists. If you don't like my rendition, I'm fine with that; I don't care if you don't like my singing, my guitar playing, or just me in general. However, when a person who hates the original song played by the original artist comes up and says they hate my rendition as much as the original, I'm sorry, that's just plain stupidity.

The point of a cover is to try and entertain the people who like the original and/ or show your respects towards the artist. It doesn't make sense for a person who hated the song and/ or artist to come up and say something like "I hated the original and you suck just as much!" My only response to that is "If you hated the original than why the hell did you decide to 'listen' to mine you f**king troll?" It annoys me to think that there are people out there who are so starved for attention that they just decide to flame someone. I'm curious, do these people think that this makes them feel bigger and more important than they really are? If they do, they are sorely mistaken; their comments just make them look like jackasses, and let's face it, they probably are.

I'm up for free speech and all, and I don't care if you hate me or not. However, I'm never happy if people hate me for the wrong reasons like the one I just described about. Of course, this applies to many situations that go far beyond myself. This applies to all forms of entertainment: movies, music, comics, and whatever else adapted something. If you don't like the original, don't watch/ listen/ read the adaptation. All these people do is look for an excuse to say something and waste everyone elses time in the process. May these hypocrites get what comes to them be insulted to the point where they feel as low as desired level of misery they tried to inflict on others.

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